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Uttam Kumar Jaiswal

General Manager, Marine

I am part of the team that manages the technical operations of our fleet of over 80 owned ships. Our focus is to keep our ships up and running while giving our highest priority to safety and reliability. My own particular specialty is safety.

We look to international mandatory codes and voluntary best practice guidelines as a starting point in our approach to safety. However, our commitment to safety is comprehensively manifested through our Pacific Basin Management System, and innovative initiatives and significant investment in seafarer training that often exceed mandatory requirements.

I enjoy collaborating with colleagues ashore and at sea to identify potential safety and productivity issues,and to refine our processes to address them effectively.

The greatest fulfilment in my work comes from seeing the real results that this brings.

In 2014, we launched a campaign comprising five focus areas to “Make Complacency History”. We launched our “5 Levels and 5 Rules of Leadership” concept to develop our crew as leaders at sea and to strive for success for themselves and their colleagues. It’s about making a long-lasting impact on our crew who in turn enhance our service and make us stand out in our industry.

We work hard to tackle our responsibilities. I believe my focus on maximising the safety of life at sea and the environment is enhancing the long-term sustainability of our business and setting an example for our whole industry to do the same.

Uttam Kumar Jaiswal is General Manager, Marine, with responsibility for the safe operation of our fleet and for ensuring our policies, practices and routines meet or exceed industry requirements. Uttam plays a large part in the safety programme and performance that has won Pacific Basin several awards in recent years, including International Bulk Journal and Lloyd's List’s global awards for safety in 2014.
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