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Emily Lau

Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager

Investor Relations work is challenging and interesting, especially in the cyclical shipping industry. Every year we connect through calls, meetings and conferences with over 1,000 investors, analysts and journalists interested in our performance, industry developments and even what our peers are doing. We monitor closely the overall dry bulk market and global financial and economic developments so we are able to explain movements in our share price that are driven by industry and other external news. We rely on internal data from our colleagues so we can provide our investors with the most accurate and relevant information they need to evaluate our business, our performance and our prospects.

In doing my job I am guided by the acronym “GIVE” with my ultimate aim being transparency and to GIVE relevant information to the investment community accurately, equally and timely.

2014 saw the 10th anniversary of our listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and in these ten years, we have developed a strong track record in investor relations. I am very proud of the recognition we have received in the form of regional and global awards for excellence in investor relations, which make our jobs even more fulfilling!

Our investor relations team echoes our corporate tagline “with you for the long haul” knowing that our shareholders invest in Pacific Basin for the value and solid returns we are equipped to generate over the longer term.

Emily Lau joined Pacific Basin February 2005, and she currently serves as Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager. Emily is a two-time winner of Institutional Investors Asia’s Best IR Professionals award, and her commitment to her work and our shareholders has resulted in a number of awards for Pacific Basin. Our 2013 Annual Report was ranked 15th globally by Report Watch (
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