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Capt Wang Lin

Master of Handysize bulk carrier “Imabari Logger”

I joined the Pacific Basin fleet in 2007. Looking back, it has been a successful and fulfilling seven years, both for me and for all Pacific Basin ships’ crews. Pacific Basin’s unique training system – supported by external check bulletins, experience feedback, leadership and teamwork coaching and other home-grown concepts – have broadened our vision, enriched our knowledge and enhanced our professionalism.

I am sure I speak for all Pacific Basin staff at sea in saying I appreciate that the Company remains as supportive as ever to its ships’ crews – in fact more than ever – even in the recent poor freight market. This is demonstrated by the seamless and best 24/7 support that we seafarers enjoy from the Company’s shorebased technical team.

As a Pacific Basin Captain sailing all over the world, one corporate value in particular is engraved on my mind: we are all Pacific Basin corporate ambassadors – each of us embodies the Company’s values and strives for excellence through dedication, continuous improvement and teamwork. I see this in everyone I serve with, and this drives our productivity and performance across the fleet.

I am proud to represent Pacific Basin around the globe, and I strive to achieve a few core goals: the high quality maintenance and safe running of my ship – every day – and the sound management of my ship’s business in port. Through these goals, my team and I seek to deliver the best service to the Company and its customers.

Wang Lin joined the Pacific Basin fleet as Second Officer in 2007 and was promoted to Captain in 2013. He is an excellent ship’s captain worthy of the command of one of our newest ships of the latest and best design for our trades.
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