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Thomas Hallett

General Manager, Stamford

Our office in Stamford was established in 2011 to secure a firm foothold in the US market. The office has since grown from a two-man operation to a staff of ten, which is testament to just how busy we have become on the US East Coast. In terms of volumes, we have become one of the Company’s busiest offices with our operations colleagues each handling about 15 ships at a time. This rate of growth is due in part to the accessibility and close relationship that our Stamford platform offers to our American customers who are able to contact us at any time day or night.

Our office has a large and varied customer base, and we strive to make each and every customer feel important. We do this through regular customer visits and by assigning individual ship operators to work exclusively with particular customers.

We also endeavour to provide prompt and effective assistance whenever requests arise.

We strive to offer our customers the best service with a focus on punctuality and we always try to accommodate requests for flexibility, which we are often able to do on account of our large fleet and global coverage. We go to every one of our customers with the same proactive and honest approach, looking for ways to start, build and maintain long-term business partnerships. Our goal is to be our customers’ carrier of choice.

Tom joined Pacific Basin as a trainee in 2005 and spent three years in Hong Kong and four years in London before relocating in 2013 to Stamford. Tom was in Operations for three years before switching to Chartering, and he has been General Manager of our Stamford office since March 2014.
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