Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income

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For the year ended 31 December
(Loss)/profit attributable to shareholders(284,964)1,523
Other comprehensive income - items that may be reclassified to income statement:
   Cash flow hedges:
      - fair value (losses)/gains(23,564)7,126
      - transferred to finance costs in income statement8,4854,569
Release of exchange loss/(gain) from reserves to income statement for foreign
    operations upon:
      - disposal of harbour towage business9,312-
      - disposal of a RoRo vessel (Note 21(c))5,0228,331
      - disposal of OMSA JV4,374-
      - repayment of shareholder loans by subsidiaries(1,015)(5,146)
     Currency translation differences(7,986)(31,113)
     Fair value (losses)/gains on available-for-sale financial assets(768)165
Total comprehensive income attributable to shareholders(291,104)(14,545)
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