Our Strategy

Our dry bulk strategic model leverages four broad characteristics designed to drive business growth and sustainable value creation for our shareholders and customers over the long term

Strategic Model

Delivering Our Strategy - The Key Matters We Focus On

Our integrated approach to running our business and how we report on it requires us to assess all the matters that are material to the long-term success of Pacific Basin and the sustainable growth of its business and operations. This exercise - an analysis of opportunities and risks and how to balance them - also assists us in developing our strategic objectives.

Sustainability is a key element of each of these material matters, and this is the driving force behind our growth and long-term success.

What is material is defined as a matter that would impact our senior management, Board and Board Committees' decisions, applying several criteria such as:

  • the potential economic impact of a matter on the business and its ability to create value over the short, medium and long term;
  • our main stakeholders'' concern with a matter and its likely effect on them; and
  • the extent to which a matter is likely to grow in significance and impact in the future.

Through this process, six material matters were identified, all of which are key components of our business model (how we employ our Capitals to create value) and key strategic issues driving the performance and long-term viability of the Group.

Matters of Key Strategic Focus - What We're Doing to Deliver Our Strategy

Strategy Delivery & Risks

The following six pages summarise (i) how we did in delivering our strategic objectives for 2014, (ii) what our objectives are for 2015, and (iii) what risk reduction measures we take to prevent our strategies and objectives from being thrown off course

Risk Management & Internal Controls

The framework for how we identify and evaluate the Group's risks and formulate appropriate mitigating controls

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