Strategic & Risks Overview

Sustainable, long-term strategy and a well-positioned business

Creating long-term value through good corporate governance, accountability, strategy and risk management, and responsible social and environmental practices

Chairman’s Statement

Chief Executive’s Review

Strategy Delivery & Risks

In this section, we summarise

  • How we did in delivering our strategic objectives for 2014
  • Our objectives for 2015
  • The risk reduction measures we take to prevent our strategies from being thrown off course

To Partner, To Deliver

Our business is people driven, and our success hinges on the strength and quality of our relationship with customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Our People

Thomas Hallett General Manager, Stamford
Capt Wang Lin Master, “Imabari Logger”
KT So Accounting Manager
Emily Lau Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager
Uttam Kumar Jaiswal General Manager, Marine
Serge Zeller Assistant Bunker Manager, Atlantic

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs for Group, Dry Bulk, Corporate Social Responsibility and Investor Relations
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